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Let's make drand a foundational Internet protocol together.

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What does it mean to partner with us?

We are making verifiable randomness a first class Internet service and drand a foundational Internet protocol!

The League of Entropy is a coalition of 16 independent organizations that power the drand network and contribute to randomness generation.

Our partners

Many leading computing organizations are already collaborating with us on this important project. Join them →

A few details


Operating a node for the drand network is a highly responsible task. We require that League of Entropy members have previous experience with operating critical infrastructure that provides high degree of security, reliability, and resilience.


Operators of Nodes and/or Relays in the Network are expected to design, deploy and operate a robust drand stack that follows strong security, and resiliency principles.

A secure, DDoS-resistant stack that can weather targeted attacks in a fully self-contained fashion.

A fast service that can conveniently scale to serve thousands of clients.

A diverse infrastructure setup, interconnected with different endpoints, and access methods to randomness.

Find out more about the Operator Guidelines and the Recommendations for drand Operators →

# Get started now

Fill in the Form (opens new window), or send us an email (leagueofentropy [ at ] googlegroups.com) to express your interest in joining the League of Entropy and one of our member organizations will get in touch shortly. You can also join the drand slack workspace (opens new window) to follow developments, discuss with the League of Entropy and our community members.