IPFSForce joins the LoE!

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We are excited to announce that IPFSForce has joined the League of Entropy!

IPFSForce has focused on technology research and development in blockchain since 2017. With the vision of being Web 3.0’s infrastructure service provider, IPFSForce is working to make storage more efficient, cost-effective, open, and safer. With "Co-built Value, Sharing Honour" as a guiding principle, IPFSForce leverages technologies to empower global communities with high quality services.

We've asked IPFSForce some key questions that we've previously asked other LoE members - see here (opens new window) and here (opens new window) - on the value of drand. Check out what they said.

Why is drand important as a protocol for the next generation of the Internet in your opinion?

The blockchain industry and the broader Web 3.0 ecosphere are in dire need of a decentralized, scalable, impartial, verifiable, and secure service that delivers randomness, which is exactly the mission of drand: to create and provide such a service. A randomness service is no doubt the most fundamental component to the decentralized world.

Why did you decide to join the League of Entropy? What value do you see in drand that is important for your mission? In other words, what convinced you to join?

Our goal is to become a Web 3.0 infrastructure service provider, and drand is envisioned as an Internet infrastructure level service that offers randomness to applications. That's where we're comparable in certain ways. Furthermore, it has always been in our best interests to assist and participate in such research-based security tech communities and products focusing on advanced technologies.

How do you use drand in your setup, infrastructure or application?

As an IPFS/Filecoin service provider, we are using drand to provide Filecoin chain services to our customers. drand acts as a randomness beacon in the Filecoin network and has provided us with crucial services in block generation, various stages of Proof of Replication (PoRep) and Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) (opens new window).

Where would you like to see drand in 2 years from now?

We expect that the LoE network will be more accessible to Web 3.0 partners, thereby encouraging more developers to be involved and build infrastructure and dApps utilizing drand as a randomness service. It is only with more partners engaging that the LoE network will be able to grow and better serve the Web 3.0 globe.

The League of Entropy evaluates, votes on, and onboards new members quarterly. If you want to be a part of the first production-grade distributed randomness beacon and help provide publicly verifiable randomness as a service, contact us at leagueofentropy@googlegroups.com. We are looking for enthusiastic teams with experience running secure production services who are interested in operating drand nodes and relays. We also encourage you to check out the drand GitHub repository for details.