StorSwift joins the League of Entropy

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"StorSwift becomes the newest member of the League of Entropy. We've asked them why they're motivated by drand and decided to contribute - check what they said!"

We are excited to announce that StorSwift (opens new window), a China-based cloud computing and storage services company, is joining forces with the League of Entropy (opens new window) (LoE)! StorSwift is becoming the 15th member to join the LoE and the first partner joining from China - a significant milestone for the LoE!

StorSwift has already deployed various workload-scalable enterprise storage systems in video surveillance, HPC, and AI industries and provides support for the many platforms in operation. Based on their extensive experience with large-scale infrastructure projects, StorSwift has recently focused on improving infrastructure management and security techniques for Web3.0 computing platforms - all of which make StorSwift a great addition to the LoE! Welcome!

We've asked StorSwift some key questions that we've previously asked other LoE members - see here (opens new window) and here (opens new window) - on the value of drand. Here are the answers.

In your opinion, why is drand important as a protocol for the next generation of the Internet?

The drand protocol elegantly provides a truly decentralized robust solution to the random numbers quality problem, which indeed is fundamental for secure computer systems.

Why did you decide to join the League of Entropy? What value do you see in drand that is important for your mission (what convinced you to join)?

StorSwift is a technology company focused on distributed computing and storage providing. We are also actively participating in the Web3.0 ecosystem development and we are very proud to be a member of League of Entropy!

Where would you like to see drand in 2 years from now?

The growing LoE community is key for robust and fast randomness delivery. We believe that the current and future potential of drand features will be very attractive for all Web3.0 developers and the wider community.

The League of Entropy evaluates, votes on, and onboards new members quarterly. If you want to be a part of the first production-grade distributed randomness beacon and help provide publicly verifiable randomness as a service, contact us at We are looking for enthusiastic teams with experience running secure production services who are interested in operating drand nodes and relays. We also encourage you to check out the drand GitHub repository for details.